Kayla vs. The Potty is a episode of the Potty Blogs on Kayla & Rachel.

Kayla vs. The Potty - Waitng for Kayla to go but nothing happens until after 2 hours

Waiting for Kayla to go after Lisa and Granny heard Kayla crying

Kayla vs. The Potty - Kayla on the potty

Kayla sitting on the potty waiting to go


Kayla and Lisa comes in then Lisa said that Kayla has accidents in her pants then Kayla and Rachel talks and plays on the iPad.

Two hours later Kayla puts the iPad down then Kayla stands up and then Kayla said she had to go and starts to cry then Lisa and Granny hears Kayla crying.

Lisa’s guessing that Kayla feels the need to go right now then they get everything ready then Kayla is seated on the potty then they get the potty book and waits for Kayla to go they wait a while that they play cards and fall asleep Rachel comes in to check on Kayla making sure Kayla is okay.

Two hours later Kayla is still sitting on the potty then Kayla poops then she pees then they celebrate because Kayla did it then Kayla wipes then after she gets off then washes her hands really good then Kayla goes back to the iPad.


Lisa: Come on

Kayla: I'm coming mom

Rachel: Whats the problem

Lisa: Um Kayla's been having accidents in her pants she's like been pooping in her pants and uh every time I wash her underwear she had like poop stains all over it I she needs to work on it.

Rachel: Yeah

Lisa: Feels like she needs to go she can she can call me or we can go in the bathroom and poop in the bathroom not in her pants because that's a accident in her pants right there.

Rachel: oh Okay isn't it

Kayla: aw I have a accident problem lately

Rachel: What do you mean

Kayla: I've been pooping in my pants and I didn't even know.

Lisa: Kayla if you feel like you need to go call me.

Kayla: OK I will

Lisa: instead of pooping in your pants feels like you have the urge to go you can tell me.

Kayla: OK I will tell you

Kayla: and aw feels like have to

Rachel: do you have to go

Kayla: I don't know

Rachel: your supposed to tell her if you have to go.

Kayla: I know I'm supposed to tell her if I have to go.

Rachel: I know

Kayla: so she can uh and not have accidents I'm accident prom I have a accidents lately in my pants its not right she should leave me in there alone she can't go in there when I'm doing my buisness that's wrong.

Rachel: I know you have a accident problem though and we need to fix that.

Kayla: I know crazy

Rachel: I know

Kayla: crazy

Rachel: I know

2 Hours Later

Kayla: (laughing) Oh my gosh this is like a game or something like that.

Rachel: I know

Kayla: (when she has to go) I'm Going to put your iPad down I'm going to stand up.

[Kayla stands up and puts both of her hands in front of her pants and has her legs crossed]

Kayla: (when she has to go) I stopped playing the iPad.

Rachel: if she doesn't hear you you can cry if you need to go.

Kayla: (when she has to go) I I I

Rachel: scream it

Kayla: (when she has to go) I I I

(Rachel laughing)

Rachel: scream it so they can hear you

Kayla: (when she has to go) I I I gotta go!

Kayla: (starts crying) I gotta go!

Lisa: This is it

Kayla: I gotta go!

Lisa: stand up

Kayla: OK

Lisa: Hurry! I'll pick her up

Rachel: where are they taking her

Lisa: they are taking her in here

Lisa: set the toilet seat down

Lisa: trying to get she has to go

Granny: OK what am I missing

Lisa: step on top of here

Kayla: OK

Lisa: get down for a sec

Lisa: shut the door

Granny: OK

Lisa: OK her buttons undone her zipper is down and her pants and underwear is all the way down her pants and underwear should be down.

Lisa: sit

Kayla: I'm sitting now

Lisa: sit

Kayla: OK hold on a minute

Lisa: OK her pants and underwear are all the way pulled down.

Kayla: I'm sitting I'm going to sit

Lisa: Wheres the book where is it

Lisa: here it is

Lisa: We’ll lets just wait here until Kayla does her business.

Lisa: so we can get plenty of praise so we get the right idea.

Lisa: I’ll just wait for Kayla

Granny: What's Kayla doing

Lisa: Just sitting on the toilet

Granny: oh okay

Waiting, clock ticking when Kayla is sitting on the potty

When Kayla is sitting on the potty

Kayla: feel the urge to go

Kayla: common Kayla do it I need to do it don't just stand there I need to do it to impress them I burted I need to go it felt like I needed to go I felt like I needed to go.

Kayla: Your waiting on me

Kayla: I just want things to stay like they always been.

Kayla: We'll I probally just get off the toilet I probally just get off I don't think I have to go I just burted it out saying I have to go but no.

Kayla: Oh I think I'm doing it

Kayla: There not looking

Kayla: Oh I'm going

Kayla: Yeah I'm actually going

Kayla: get out of here

Kayla: I'm pushing

Kayla: Some is coming out

Kayla: Yeah Thank You

Kayla: no I'm not done yet

Kayla: I have the urge to poop


  • Kayla Lee is on the potty for a while.
  • Lisa Lee and Granny waits a while that they play cards and fall asleep.
  • Lisa and Granny has the potty book.
  • Lisa and Granny are in the bathroom with Kayla watching Kayla after Kayla said she needed to go.
  • This episode is a lot similar from the Rugrats episode Chuckie vs. The Potty.
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